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Many Poeple have appeard on Nintendo Week


Gary is a co-host on nintendo week. He has a Evil Twin named Dark Gary. Gary is seen in the thene song playing Wii Sports Resort.


Allison is a co-host of nintendo week. She likes to play Madden NFL Football games.


Dark Gary is the evil twin to Gary. Dak Gary likes to eat kettel corn and lives in a roof tent. Dark Gary has a a crush on Allison. He also work in a comic book Shoppe. He lives in a roof tent because that's where he lives.


The Curst Gamer appers in the 2009 xmas episode. He tries to make Dark Gary a better person who shares his games with everybody. Sort of like a gamers vierion of "A xmas Tale".

-The Wizard

The Wizard 1st apperared in the 2009 thanksgiving episode. He also tricks Gary and Allison into telling him about LEGO Harry Potter: Year 1-4.

-The Gousts of Gameing Past, Present, & Furture.

The Gousts of Gaming Past, Present, & Furture are only in the 2009 Xmas Episode.

Gaming past- Gaming past looks like some one sold ice cream in the early 1900's

Gaming Present- Gaming Present is a lady in a Wii Remote out fit.

Gaming Furture- Gaming Furture is Dark Gary in a Halloween Costume hoo only squeaks and dosen't have is go-tee.