Nintendo Week with Gary (Left), Alison (Right), and also Dark Gary (Center).

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Nintendo Week is a series on the Nintendo Channel for the Wii. It is real-life and is basically Gary and Alison interviewing the creators of upcoming games. They also try out games. Gary has an "evil twin brother" named Dark Gary.


  • Did you know that, there was a new episode every Thursday on the Nintendo Channel?
  • There is over a total of 120 episodes. (See more...)
  • Did you know that, DaThings1 made a YTP of Nintendo Week called ''Nintedno Week''? (Watch it here...)
  • Did you know that there was a spiritual successor called Nintendo Show 3D for the 3DS.
  • There is a Wikipedia Page of Nintendo Week. (Read here...)
  • Did you know that, the series was canceled on March 29 2012 and it was the longest running campaign Nintendo had ever made?


Main article: List of episodes
  • This is a list of Nintendo Week episodes that show every week on Mondays. They show a lot of new games for Wii, WiiWare, DS, DSiWare and even the 3DS. They have some special guest like video game producers, game designers, game directors, creators and co-creators of video games, and much more. (See more...)
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Main CharactersEdit

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Main article: Gary

Gary (co-host of Nintendo week)

  • Gary is the plaid shirt-wearing host of Nintendo Week and friend with his co-host Alison. He has an evil twin brother named Dark Gary. He likes to show off in front of others. He and Alison have been through many things, even gaming college.


Main article: Alison

Alison (former co-host of Nintendo week)

  • Alison is the former co-host of Nintendo Week and friend to Gary, the host. She really hates the ever-arrogant Dark Gary, Gary's evil twin. She enjoys picking on Gary and does not like it when he tries to show off in front of everyone. Gary and Alison are best friends. She is no longer co-host due to the fact that she had to go to her home planet. She still hangs out with Gary and Dark Gary. Dark Gary replaced her position as co-host.

Dark GaryEdit

Main article: Dark Gary
Dark Gary

Dark Gary (evil twin brother of Gary's)

  • Dark Gary is Gary's "evil twin brother", and a repeated nuisance to everybody around him--especially Gary and Alison. He wears a black/gray clothes and a ski cap. He also has a tiny black beard. His catchphrase is "Bro" and he loves kettle corn. He has a crush on Alison, and gets rid of Gary sometimes.

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Nintendo WeekEdit

Nintendo Week provides info about new and up coming Wii, WiiWare, DS, & DSiWare games for the Wii and DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSi XL systems.

  • It also has some comedy and friendships in the episodes.