Gary (co-host of Nintendo Week)

Gary is the plaid shirt-wearing host of Nintendo Week and friend with his co-host Alison. He has an evil twin brother named Dark Gary. In the first episode of Nintendo Week, Gary showed Alison a Flipnote animation called "The Sad Guitarist", which pales next to "Alison's Flipnote." He LOVES to show off in front of others. He was offered to make a film on his flipnote but the "Big Movie Producer" that offered it to him said that he is getting Michael Bay to direct it instead of him, which upset him greatly.

He also made a microgame called SayThatAgain for WarioWare: D.I.Y. in the Big Name Games since May 17, 2010. His favorite Nintendo 3DS game is "Pilotwings Resort." Gary often uses a blue Wii Remote. He also used to be friend's with a person named Gold.

He is jealous of his Mii character and so is Alison