Dark Gary

Dark Gary inside his tent in Episode: 11/12 playing the 2010 WiiWare demos.

Dark Gary's house is usually just a tent. That's where he lives. His tent usually appears in some of the episodes with Dark Gary around. He sometimes shows some of the games inside in his tent like the "Wii Ware demos from 11/12" and the "Super Mario Galaxy 2 Tips: How to get 99 1up's" (He also said to the Narrator: "Can use some TV magic here, Please!" and goes faster to 99.). He also sells "roof turkey" for people for Thanksgiving, play games, making experiments, and other stuff he is doing. It's not known how he can set up his Wii.

DGs orringnle house had pictures of him, a sofa, and a tv w/ wii consle in it. later on in the series, he got his roof tent above the aparment building.